Paint Protection Film

STEK Paint protection film

STEK offers its customers the best quality products. Each DYNO series product is 185 microns thick and has a self-renewing and hydrophobic structure. All our protective films are made of 100% polyurethane material, coated with a UV-resistant adhesive, which does not turn yellow, does not fade, remains transparent, and guarantees resistance to various environmental influences.

STEK paint protection films

STEK films for cars are coated with the highest quality nano coatings.

The latest US and South Korean manufacturing technologies guarantee exceptional durability.

STEK films are innovative and significantly outperform other manufacturers.

10 year warranty


Top quality car protective film

Car protection has never been easier

With STEK car protective films, you will protect the paint of a new vehicle, highlight their shine and maintain the factory look. STEK paint protective films do not contain any dyes or chemicals that could damage the paint of a new car. Become our partner and use the highest quality protective films in your work.

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STEK is a manufacturer of the highest quality protective films, offering the most innovative solutions for the protection of car body, glass and headlights. Being one of the first to see the benefits and huge demand for protective and glass tinting films, STEK Automotive today can be proud to be one of the largest suppliers of automotive protective films in the world!

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